with Belyntic's Catch & Release Technology

Until today, the potential of synthetic peptides is hampered by the limitations of the purification step. Belyntic's technology overcomes this bottleneck: With peptide purification kits that adapt well to your processes - not the other way around.


less solvent consumption
in comparison to HPLC


time savings
with eight peptides purified in parallel


purification selectivity
due to Belyntic's patent-pending linker technology

Research Kit

Ready to use.

Run your purification of chemically synthesized peptides anywhere and without costly instruments. Belyntic’s Research Kit offers a high degree of comfort, providing a straightforward protocol to make the best out of your peptides.

Your advantages:

  • umfangreiches Paket mit vorgefüllten Filterbehältern, Linker und Puffersalzen

  • parallele Peptidreinigung

  • hohe Ausbeuten

  • verschiedene Kitgrößen


Developer Kit

Flexible integration.

If you need many peptides, your demands regarding amount and size most likely differ. We help you to bring your purification throughput to the next level.
Integrate Belyntic’s technology in your processes and reduce time expenditure and resources.

Your advantages:

  • Basismaterialien (Linker, Filtermaterial)

  • hohe Verlässlichkeit

  • hoher Durchsatz

  • skalierbar für Bulk- und Wirkstoffproduktion