High-Throughput Kit 96x10 µmol


- PEC-Resin: 50% suspension of modified agarose beads in 20% ethanol solution, filled in 96-well filter plate
- PEC-Linker RC+: Chemically synthesized, reductively cleavable linker molecule for 96 purification runs of 10 µmol in parallel
- PEC buffer: Mixture of citric acid-sodium carbonate
- Blocking reagent: L-Cysteine
- Cleavage reagent: Dithiothreitol (DTT)
- 96-well TFA collection plate / deep-well plate to collect crude peptides, perform ether precipitation and centrifugation
- 96-well peptide collection plate / perforated deep-well plate to collect purified
peptides and perform freeze-drying in the plate
- 2 top sealing mats
- 1 bottom sealing mat for filter plate
- Documentation: Instruction manual (English)

Note: Not suitable for peptides containing disulfides or azides.

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