About us

Rethink peptide purification

Peptides are of vital interest in pharmaceutical research, development and production. New fields of application and a growing overall demand require a higher throughput in peptide manufacturing. At the same time, peptide purification is a major obstacle along the value chain. Currently, chromatographic methods are used which are often inefficient, costly and difficult to scale.

Belyntic aims to improve research, development and production of new peptide therapeutics. Our Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology is based on a Catch & Release mechanism, offering completely new perspectives in the manufacturing of peptides.

The team behind Belyntic

Dr. Robert Zitterbart, R&D

Inventor of Belyntic's linker technology. Robert is responsible for Research & Development. He ensures constant improvements and extends the scope of application of the technology.

Dr. Oliver Reimann, Production

Doctoral degree in (peptide) chemistry like Robert. Supports Robert in R&D and carries out the synthesis in production scale at Belyntic.

Dominik Sarma, Communications

Background as material chemist. Dominik is the liaison between technology and business affairs. He arranges the testing of new materials and is in charge of the external communication.

Andreas Regnery, Finances

Technical economist with several years of experience as management consultant. Andreas is the right contact person for business topics, especially finances and sales.